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Bible Study and Prayer

You have the opportunity to join with women across Canada and all around the world as you participate in these two opportunities. 


Great Canadian Bible Study

Every January (or whenever it suits) Baptist women across Canada participate in a one time Bible study. At that time they also give a donation to a project that assists vulnerable women and children. 


Baptist Women's World
Day of Prayer

On the first Monday of each November (or whatever days suits) Baptist women all across the globe participate in the Baptist Women's World Day of Prayer. This study is initiated by Baptist World Alliance Women. All donations taken during this study go towards ministries to strengthen women all around the world



Your donation will make a difference in lives! If you would like to participate in one of these opportunities and give a donation, please contact your women's organization below.

100% of your donation will go toward one of these areas. 

If you live in Ontario or Quebec, donate here

If you live in the Atlantic provinces, donate here

If you live in Saskatchewan or Manitoba, contact

If you live in British Columbia or Yukon, contact 

Please be sure to state your donation is to go to Canadian Baptist Women and what project you would like to donate to 

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