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Leadership Development

Leadership development is not as easy to access in some areas of the world as we have it in Canada. We have a special fund that is put toward building leadership capacity into women's lives - women who do not, under normal circumstances, have the ability to access this training. We partner with Canadian Baptist Ministries to find women of potential who are good candidates for the investment of these funds.


It is through your giving that this is possible. Build into a woman's life today and the ripple effect will spread as her abilities are enhanced!

About our current recipient

Miriam Camacho, Bolivia

Miriam is the treasurer of the Cochabamba Baptist Women’s Union and was asked to attend the UFBAL quinquennial conference, where women from across Central and South America gathered in Bolivia in November. There she was part of a financial commission. She has a lot to offer to the other women, even as she was able to learn and grow at this conference.

Miriam is facing real financial challenges, having lost her husband from COVID  so you have helped her to attend these important meetings!

(Picture: Miriam also helps with a CBM project which works with children)

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Your donation will make a difference in lives! Tell us what you would like to donate toward: international post secondary scholarship, international leadership development or Great Canadian Bible Study fund which assists women and children who are vulnerable.

100% of your donation will go toward one of these areas. 

If you live in Ontario or Quebec, donate here

If you live in the Atlantic provinces, donate here

If you live in Saskatchewan or Manitoba, contact

If you live in British Columbia or Yukon, contact 

Please be sure to state your donation is to go to Canadian Baptist Women and what project you would like to donate to 

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