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The Team
It's US! Together!

CBW is a collaboration of 4 different Baptist women organizations across Canada. That means we, as Baptist women across Canada, are all part of this team! We work together to empower women in our various areas as well as through working together. The networking makes us stronger all across the country, and able to accomplish more for God's kingdom. Here is your team of leaders:


CBW Executive Committee
Committee in October 2023

In order:

Brenda Halk, rep for Canadian Baptist Ministries

Lisa Lohnes, Executive Director of Atlantic Baptist Women

Darlene Maxey, representative from CBWOQ

On screen:

Alison Fraser, President of CBWC BC/Yukon Baptist Women

Heather Rumble-Peterson, President of CBWOQ

Peggi Talbot, Team Lead of CBWC Heartland Baptist Women

In order:

Moreen Sharp, President of CBW

Helena Bergen, executive director of Canadian Baptist

Women of Ontario and Quebec

Carol Anne Janzen, President of ABW

Bonnie Newell, secretary/treasurer

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